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Oh My Ghostess

  • Information: South Korea • TV Drama • 2015 • 16 episodes
  • Original Title: 오 나의 귀신님
  • Starring: Park Bo-Young, Cho Jung-Seok, Kim Seul-Gie, Lim Ju-Hwan
  • Gents Score :
  • My Rating:

Sometimes you decide to only watch one episode of a drama with absolutely no expectations just to see how it goes and surprisingly, it’s so good that it’s got you hooked. This is certainly one of those gems that you could easily overlook. Here’s my Korean drama review for Oh My Ghostess and why I recommend it.


Na Bong-Sun is a timid assistant chef at celebrity chef Kang Sun-Woo’s restaurant. She constantly sees ghosts around her and loses sleep over it, causing her to not do well at work. Shin Soon-Ae is a virgin ghost and is desperate to “do it” at least once before she dies in order for her to ascend to Heaven. She possesses pretty young women and seduces guys but unfortunately, all the guys end up dying from hypothermia. She must find the man of vitality who is strong enough to take her. One day, she accidentally possesses Bong-Sun and meets Kang Sun-Woo.

The Good

  • Amazing chemistry between main leads
  • Plenty of cute and funny moments
  • Murder mystery for added excitement

The Bad

  • Not enough screen time for main character (not the ghost)


One reason why Korean dramas are so well-liked and interesting is because it creatively intertwines different genres together into one series. Oh My Ghostess is no exception. At first glance, this drama is a rom-com with plenty of cute, romantic moments. But it also has a darker plot involving murder and mystery and at the same time, it spices things up by adding some supernatural elements to it.

Bong-Sun and Sun-Woo at a cooking competition. Photo © tvN

Bong-Sun and Sun-Woo at a cooking competition. Photo © tvN

One thing that stood out about this drama was the chemistry between the main leads, Bong-Sun and Sun-Woo. Sun-Woo, played by Cho Jung-Seok, is the prideful and slightly narcissistic celebrity chef who seems like he has no experience with girls. The first half of the series is about him slowly falling in love without him actually knowing about it. Bong-Sun is a timid girl who eventually changes into a more confident and upbeat person after meeting the ghost, Shin Soon-Ae. Don’t tell anyone but Bong-Sun and Sun-Woo’s cute moments really made me go “aww…”

Soon-Ae's wild side comes out in Bong-Sun. Photo © tvN

Soon-Ae’s wild side comes out in Bong-Sun. Photo © tvN

It was very entertaining to watch Park Bo-Young acting as Bong-Sun because I got to see every aspect of her character from the original, timid Bong-Sun to when she got possessed by the rowdy ghost, Soon-Ae (played by Kim Seul-Gie), who exhibits her lustful, cute, and carefree side. Bong-Sun’s portrayal of both characters was hilarious! I can’t imagine how long the actresses practiced together because they were totally in-sync from the intonation to the body language to their expressions. It was really obvious that Bong-Sun was possessed by Soon-Ae. The scenes in which horny Bong-Sun/Soon-Ae was checking out the guys made me laugh out loud. Plus, Bong-Sun’s cute expressions was also worth watching.

Bong-Sun and Soon-Ae bonding moment. Photo © tvN

Bong-Sun and Soon-Ae bonding moment. Photo © tvN

Unfortunately, that leads to the only bad thing I found with this drama. I had a hard time deciding who the main character was. The series starts off with Bong-Sun at her lowest point in life and then she gets possessed by Soon-Ae for a majority of the episodes. Most of the Bong-Sun you see on screen is actually Soon-Ae so it’s really up to the audience who Sun-Woo really fell in love with (although they did try to explain it near the end of the series). While Bong-Sun did get her own screen time, it felt hard to root for her because the stronger character was actually Soon-Ae and it really feels that she was developed more as a character.

I really enjoyed watching Oh My Ghostess. If it weren’t for the added mystery and supernatural elements, I wouldn’t have watched it because rom-coms are not my thing. While there are ghosts, this is not horror at all. As a side note, if you enjoyed watching 49 Days, you’ll most likely enjoy Oh My Ghostess as well since both shows have the same feel and depicts a ghost possessing a timid character. Don’t miss this fun-filled ride full of horny ghosts and hilarious moments!

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