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The Girl Who Sees Smells

  • Information: South Korea • TV Drama • 2015 • 16 episodes
  • Original Title: 냄새를 보는 소녀
  • Starring: Shin Se-Kyung, Park Yoo-Chun, Namgung Min, Yoon Jin-Seo
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After a tragic accident, Oh Cho-Rim wakes up from her six-months-long coma with no recollection of what happened to her or who she is. As a result of her coma, her left eye turned green allowing her to see smells as colors and shapes emitting from objects and surroundings. She meets Choi Mu-Gak, a stoic and emotionless police officer who is eager to be promoted to Detective in order to catch his sister’s murderer. They grow to rely on each other while seeking out their past.

The Good

  • Good chemistry between the main leads
  • Funny and cute moments
  • Good acting

The Bad

  • A few plot holes


A girl who can see smells? How does that work? How would they convey that in a drama? That was certainly what made me check out this drama. I was not disappointed. And to answer that question, they showed her smells as trails of cute and colorful shapes emitting from objects. But technically, wouldn’t there be smells coming from every single object in this world? Her vision should’ve been totally clouded!

Oh Cho-Rim (left) and Choi Mu-Gak (right). Photo © SBS

Oh Cho-Rim (left) and Choi Mu-Gak (right). Photo © SBS

I really enjoyed the comedic moments between Oh Cho-Rim and Choi Mu-Gak and it was really fun to see their relationship grow into love. There is a great chemistry between the two as well and they look really good as a couple. But it’s not all fun and games, the drama has a dark side to it. I didn’t like how it was so caught up in the mystery in the middle of this drama that they pretty much forgot about Cho-Rim’s sense of smell for a little while. While I don’t remember exactly which episode, I remember certain situations where Cho-Rim could’ve easily used her smell vision to solve her problem but she didn’t. I guess they didn’t want to make it too easy or the drama would be boring?

Spoiler alert! Click and read at your own risk.

I really liked the big twist near the middle because it really changed the direction of this drama. Before, they really led you to believe that the doctor, Chun Baek-Gyeong, was the murderer but the innocent-looking chef was actually the one all along. Good editing techniques and good acting on the part of Namgung Min who plays Chef Kwon Jae-Hee certainly helped made this all the more surprising.

It was nice and refreshing to see Shin Se-Kyung’s acting. The only other drama she was in that I watched was Fashion King and I had to drop that one due to the story being boring. She was very upbeat and funny in this one and really made the drama fun to watch. I am not really a fan of Park Yoo-Chun because in all the dramas I’ve watched of him, he had the same serious, stoic personality and expression and this one was no exception. But there were many scenes later in the drama where his character changed and opened up. He even had a goofy stand-up comedy skit! So he can really do more than the stone face. I feel bad that he seems to be typecast into the stoic roles. Hopefully, he’ll get more versatile roles in the future.

Yeom Mi and detectives hard at work on a murder case. Photo © SBS

Yeom Mi and detectives hard at work on a murder case. Photo © SBS

If you are in search of a fun drama that’s perfect for the summer or spring season, this is the one! The Girl Who Sees Smells (also known as Sensory Couple), an adaptation of the Korean webtoon (digital comic) by Man Chwi, is a detective-suspense-rom-com all rolled into one. I’m not a fan of rom-coms or romance (probably like most guys out there) but when I see something that combines multiple genres, then it gets my interest. If you’re in the mood for something fun, check it out!

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